We must therefore fight again to make effective the manifesto. For us, it means more vigorously continue the action for the Education Modernization. Under the leadership of our Association, this action will be methodically organized and pursued in all departments. Our magazines, including Life Skills, will be widely reported in the national and international action. ¦ ¦ ¦ Second success: 25 children per class. More on this particular point, we measure specific stages of a conquest process. Starting point: our Congress of Aix-en-Provence in 1955 in which we launched the slogan and association fondions 25 children per class to organize and promote action. What did do you not say so on the utopian nature of such a claim! Even in our ranks is not always understood as claiming 25 children per class is not just a guess, but try to raise awareness among parents and educators of a reality too much neglected: that working conditions are essential from the range of claims of teachers. 25 children per class, this means increasing the number of teachers, so better treatments, based on a more efficient recruitment, so more and more functional premises, so more funds, so, ultimately, a better education. Mocked for a long time in labor and administrative circles, our audacity to cranks who had no feet on the ground. And force to explain, demonstrate and repeat the password, the administration has recognized the ideal character and spoke of it as a future outcome, but necessary. The educational and trade union organizations are entered and was told that the SNI itself may discuss in the next Congress. But there will be a third phase of our work which we must beware. These personalities, these organizations will now take up the watchword – and we can only congratulate ourselves – may we go further in their verbal statements. This is their way to them to be progressive. But they will pretend to fight on principle, without studying in detail the means to make it effective. And because we, the teachers, who by our office, have always down to earth, do not necessarily follow them in their verbal enthusiasm, because we demand action; we will be criticized for not helping the success of a slogan – ours – they have seized to strip him of all we want it to dynamic and vital. It is this fear that motivated the skepticism of our comrades in Congress Caen listening J. Lordon, and that of Niort, hearing the beautiful speech of our comrade Allard, Chief of the NIS. You will reread Educator in this speech and you will wonder by what illogical – if not more – Jeanne Lordon had not even said a word in the Liberator School mission in Caen, and why Allard, who left us as collaborative hope, did the same since the time of writing, the largest trade union review has not found the place to alert readers that the union representative had officially attended a major international congress 1000 enthusiastic educators and there were acknowledged in particular the proposal that we renewed SUDEL, a fruitful collaboration for a joint publication of our BT. At a time when major publishers focus their services do we get there so ever, we educators to work together for our common cause: the growing success of the Lay School? And would it not serve the cause than to a magazine that has proven excellence – but who can now live and prosper by itself – the great magazine of the Secular School, able to support and supplement Franks -Video? We say today with great regret we do not play well with good will, the ideal and the enthusiasm of our members. Time misleading speech went home. The NIS beware practices that could be fatal to him. ¦ ¦ ¦ Third important satisfaction: Our achievements are known and accepted today. It boasts our Free Text, correspondence printing and the school newspaper, our files, our work plans. The reports and conferences mainly develop the Second Degree, our designs, our children’s texts, our records are the wonder of all sensitive people. It is an undeniable success that encourages us to go forward, ever more numerous, ever more united in action. ¦ ¦ ¦ Fourth important satisfaction: And yet it is not so much as one might think, the growing number of our members, the hearing more and more that we encounter in all environments, the importance each year strongest of our courses and our Congress who bring us the most comfort. The most valuable satisfactions is that we feel to see develop the activity of our work and our teams commissions. We do not want to believe us when we say, out the technical work that requires necessarily the CEL large numbers of workers and employees, all course preparation work is done in a large guild few thousand workers volunteers spread all over our territory and abroad, the organization director of Cannes and Vence coordinates and directs the activity. We never fail or projects, or ideas or proposals of achievement and work. This is surely a unique adventure in the educational and social history, including the benefits, results and consequences are themselves out of the common measure of other companies. When a point is gained when a problem is practically solved and that the mass of personnel can grasp, we move to other discoveries. This is now, it will be in the coming year to launch technology Boxes and teachers strips should be a landmark in contemporary teaching technique. This is the first time ever in fact a box to teach, simple, convenient and cheap is placed within the reach of the mass of schools. This discovery is called, we believe, to revolutionize all educational systems at all levels. Experience by train soon will demonstrate. Obviously, to experiment with fruit, you have the box. Artisanal models we have given may disappoint. This is why we have made even any propaganda on this new technique. But the box for the manufacture of which we had been asked a long time, come out in nice plastic soon and we can deliver in unlimited number for September. At the same time, with a large team that began its work in Niort, we prepare 9 sets of 10 self-corrective bands covering the whole course of calculation for the first degree: 1 – Additions – 1st and 2d degree subtractions. 3. – Multiplication. 3. – Divisions. 4 – Multiplication – divisions. 5. – Conversions base 10 6. – Basic Conversions 7- 100 – Weight, volumes, capabilities. 8. – 9. Conversions base 1000 – Complex numbers. This first collection will be available in September. Each strip will be fixed to a special axis plastic which will automatically move to the center of the box. The band change will therefore be very fast. The band includes 24 applications and 24 answers. One can already place an order with the following conditions (10 strips of each series are supplied in a special box). We will not detail and deliver exclusively boxes 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. … Each box: 0.50 F. For the launch, and to allow friends to enjoy the benefits of this new technology, we deliver exceptionally against 5 F specimen: 1 teacher box ready pay someone to do programming homework
to teach teaching 3 bands, one user manual. But this first embodiment is only the beginning. We will soon starts gang problems C.E. C. M. and F. E., bands of metric geometry and algebra. The CEG will also prepare their bands. Then we’ll prepare real bands scheduled. As you see the site is barely open and it’s along the way we will make our findings. An important advantage of this system is the ability for educators to themselves and to make their students, bis bands that appear as necessary.

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